Once upon a time in the city of Trenton, NJ, a humble journey began. A journey that nurtured a dream of cultivating a flourishing dispensary, nestled in the bustling urban landscape. This journey was marked by the vision of our owner, an influential advocate and industry expert who collaborated with esteemed organizations like the National Cannabis Industry Association, the Marijuana Policy Project, and the US Cannabis Council.

The Journey to Robbinsville and Ewing Townships

The owner carried an inspirational torch of knowledge and determination, moving forth from Trenton to Robbinsville and Ewing Townships, establishing Simply Pure’s footprints. The vision was simple – to bring the quality, diversity and healing benefits of cannabis closer to the communities, while guiding those in need to a ‘dispensary near me’ with a compassionate touch.

Branching Out to Hamilton

The seeds of success that sprouted in Robbinsville and Ewing soon found their way to Hamilton Township. Simply Pure’s commitment to quality and earnest service echoed online, and now anyone could order weed online with just a few clicks, furthering Simply Pure’s mission to ensure accessibility.

The Expansion to Lawrence Township

This wonderful journey circled back to Lawrence Township at last. The online dispensary menu was expanded, making buying marijuana online a straightforward procedure, so the people of Lawrence could also enjoy the expansive selection of Simply Pure’s finest cannabis products.

This journey, though far from over, is a testament to Simply Pure’s passion and dedication to the communities of New Jersey. Their commitment to making life simply pure continues to inspire to this day.

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