Founded in 2006, MMD Shops has become a go-to destination for a wide range of cannabis products in Southern California. With four locations spanning across the region, MMD Shops is more than just a cannabis store; it’s a launchpad for exploring some of LA’s most captivating experiences.

Pot Bargains: Finding the Best Deals on Cannabis

Thanks to our strategic locations, customers doing their shopping at MMD Shops are just a quick hop away from some of the best cannabis deals in LA. There are plenty of dispensaries, each with its unique offerings and discounts. So, embarking on an LA cannabis tour can be both fun and cost-saving. Explore the vibrant cannabis culture of LA here!

Exhibits, Experiences and More

But what good is going about the city exploring deals if you don’t occasionally stop to soak up all the art, culture, and food that LA has to offer? Luckily, the areas near our MMD Shops locations are teeming with iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Check out the unique street art, pop into a nearby food truck for a quick bite, or visit one of the many museums and galleries.

Our Venice Beach location, for instance, is only a short walk away from the beach, local restaurants, and the world famous Venice Skate Park. Remember, being part of the MMD Shops family is about more than just excellent cannabis — it’s about embracing the vibrant lifestyle of Southern California.

Enjoy your journey across the city, and we look forward to serving you at MMD Shops.

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