Ever turn the wrong corner and end up stuck in Bow Mar only to discover your favorite strain of cannabis isn’t available? Don’t shed a tear, my friend, because Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique is here to bring a smile, and a bit more laughter to your life.

Far-Reaching Range in the Land of Green

From the rocky plains of Littleton to the bustling streets of Greenwood Village, our dispensaries are conveniently positioned to ensure your journey to joyfulness is never too far. Why travel afar when we’re twinkling right in your neighborhood?

It seems the days when sourcing medical marijuana in Englewood or Sheridan felt like embarking on an epic quest are firmly in the rear-view mirror. Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique provides a variety of options with the quality and care you crave.

Weed Whispers in Cherry Hills Village

If you’re cannabis curious and looking for a weed dispensary near Cherry Hills Village, shoo away those bushes. With Lucy Sky, you’re not only buying cannabis, you’re being embraced into a community that lightens your day, lifts your spirit and tickles your funny bone. After all, who says getting high shouldn’t include just a bit more giggles?

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